We are American Power Equipment

Providing Power Equipment Since 1999

Who We Are

American Power Equipment is your leading choice power equipment company. We have been providing our customers with solutions since 1999. We believe the core of who we are is integrity and grit, while connecting the lines between quality products and quality service. Our team takes pride in building a brand that you can trust to provide high-quality tools and expert customer service time and time again.

Why We Do What We Do

The tool market is competitive. That is why American Power Equipment strives to carry and provide quality power equipment tools to help make your life easier. We combine years of experience working with power equipment manufacturers to ensure that the highest quality power equipment is in your hands. 

Along with our superior products, we service your equipment, even if it was not purchased through us. We are committed to keeping you and your equipment moving, thus leading the way for excellent work to be produced.

When You Think Power Equipment, Think American

High-Quality Brands

Two South Alabama Locations

Excellent Equipment Service

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