Citronelle, AL

In the early 18th century, French explorers landed in the bright city of Citronelle. Filled with healing herbs and springs filled with minerals. The name Citronelle links to the plants collected by William Bartam. Collinsonia canadensis, better known as citronella, had grown abundantly throughout the area.

As settlers began to develop Alabama, railroads were built throughout the developing country of the U.S. Many railroads popped up in the south to connect to the north. Eventually, a railroad connecting Mobile to Ohio cities was formed. Citronelle was added to the railroad as a part of northern Mobile. This caused a large boom in the population of the town as the railroads promoted Citronelle as a resort town of relaxation and peace with extravagant nature sights. The population rose exponentially as more people began to look for the lovely city of Citronelle. This would later lead to the town’s full establishment in 1892.

In the 1900s, the town became a core spot for oil production. The first well was drilled in 1902. Finally, sizable portions of oil were discovered in 1955, becoming incredibly prosperous for the small town. Through many historical preservation efforts and sites, the town’s proud history stayed intact. As Citronelle grew with Mobile, it kept its recreational status from the bustling noises of Mobile. The town is only 30 minutes away from the beaches of the Gulf Coast.

Citronelle has continued to prosper over the years. With a collective population of 3,883, the town connects in districts with Mobile, Alabama. With a growing number of public schools and a large variety of recreational parks, it is no question why the population continues to grow. Called the oil capital of Alabama, Citronelle’s modern industrial economy is progressive and profitable. The town has become famous for its considerable number of construction, manufacturing and transportation businesses.

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