Mobile, AL

Today, the population of Mobile, Alabama, has grown to nearly 195,000 people, skyrocketing to being one of the most populated cities in Alabama. In 1702, French-Canadian colonists struck gold when they found the rich area of Mobile Bay. The Port of Mobile became a hot spot for trading between indigenous Native Americans and the French colonists who settled there. It is no shock that Mobile is now home to the 12th largest port in the United States.

The city began to grow as a prominent part of the French American economy. However, in 1763, during and after the events of World War I, Mobile became a prime location for shipbuilding, steel production and many other industrial services. Today, the city has become one of the most well-known of cities in Alabama. With its beautiful culture inspired by the French and Spanish roots of the city and lovely sights of historical art and buildings all around, Mobile’s population is only growing.

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