Saraland, AL

Today, Saraland has grown to be the third-largest city within Mobile County with a population of over 16,000 residents. The city has grown tremendously since its early beginnings in the 1800s. The land that would become Saraland was originally a Spanish land grant to Don Diego Alvarez, which earned the community the name of Alvarez Station. In 1800, people began to purchase property from the Alvarez family and move into the area. 

Eventually, Alvarez Station was changed to Cleveland Station, as the majority of land ownership changed from family to family. The name of Saraland was finally given to the community in the 1980s by C.J. DeWitt, a retired minister who moved into the area due to his declining health. In 1895, DeWitt opened the first post office along the Southern Railroad in Saraland, and the community was renamed in honor of his wife. 

The community of Saraland was incorporated in 1957, as an industrial and population surge caused the city of Mobile to expand towards the north. At the time that Saraland was incorporated, the city served only 125 residents; however, by the end of 1960, over four thousand people resided in Saraland. 

Today, Saraland is known as “The Gateway to Progress”, as the city has come so far since being founded by Don Diego Alvarez. Saraland has one of the best school systems in the south, astonishing low crime rates, incredible athletic facilities and new local businesses. Saraland has truly become one of the best places to live or visit in the state of Alabama, and American Power is proud to serve this progressive city!

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