Satsuma is a city based in Mobile County, Alabama. The city was named after the satsuma orange, which was successfully grown and adapted for southern temperatures after it was gifted to the U.S. in 1878 by Emperor Meiji of Japan. For years, the city was referred to as the “Fig Tree Island.”

Sadly, many of these satsuma trees were damaged between 1912 and 1924 due to cold weather and citrus canker. Citrus canker refers to the disease that affects many citrus-related species. The disease causes lesions on leaves, stems, and the fruit the trees produce. While not harmful to humans, the disease is extremely detrimental to infected species.

Today, Satsuma has become a staple of southern Alabama culture. In just a few decades, the population rose from only 2,000 to an estimated 6,000-7,000 people. Furthermore, the social environment is lovely. With many public celebrations such as a Christmas parade, and a memorial museum, Satsuma’s historical and familial world is beloved by many. Satsuma has a diverse set of industrial and ecological jobs. There is a large industry for art cultures, recreation, manufacturing, retail, construction and education. Everyone has a place. It is no wonder why the population has risen so high over the years, especially considering the city’s bright and lively atmosphere and forest-like landscapes.

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