How Often Should I Get My Lawn Mower Serviced?

How Often Should I Get My Lawn Mower Serviced?

You’ve probably spent plenty of time out in the heat to mow your lawn. But have you ever thought about how much time goes into maintaining that lawn mower? It’s not just about cutting your grass; it’s also about keeping your machine in good shape, so it runs well and lasts for years to come. This can be a bit overwhelming if you’re not used to working on machinery, but luckily we’ve got the answers!

Here’s everything you need to know about getting your lawn mower serviced:

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your lawn mower running smoothly.

As a responsible lawn owner, you want to make sure your mower is in good working order. To keep it running smoothly, consider performing the following maintenance tasks every few months:

  • Check the oil level. Make sure this doesn’t require draining any fuel first; if it does, do so and replace it with new gas before refilling it with fresh oil.
  • Clean out the filter. This will help keep dirt from clogging up other parts of your machine and causing damage down the line.
  • Replace spark plugs (if necessary). Spark plugs usually need replacing anywhere from five to ten hours of use—but if yours has been used for an extended period, it’s best to replace them as soon as possible to avoid serious problems later down the road (not unlike car tires).
  • Inspect blades for wear and tear; sharpen/replace them if needed (this can be done yourself or take it to a store/shop that sharpens lawn mower blades). If replacing any part of your lawn mower seems too complicated or expensive, simply schedule a regular service appointment with someone that knows what they’re doing!

The time between service intervals will depend on the lawn mower you have and how often you use it.

If you have a gas-powered push mower, the frequency of service depends on many factors. These factors can include how often you use it, how much grass growth there is in your area, where and when it’s used and so much more. For example, a large amount of growth may require more frequent servicing than minimal growth; using a high-cutting height with thick-bladed grass may require more frequent servicing than using a low-cutting height with thin blades. As always, keep safety in mind when operating any gasoline-powered product!

At least once a year, check your owner’s manual for specific maintenance recommendations.

At least once a year, check your owner’s manual for specific maintenance recommendations. You’ll also want to read the manual before you start using the lawn mower so that you can inspect it—and know how to operate it safely. The manual will tell you how often to perform maintenance and what type of maintenance is required.

Check your oil every time you mow.

Check your oil every time you mow. If it’s low, add oil to bring it up to the proper level; don’t assume that if you filled the engine with oil the last time you used the lawn mower that it is still full! Oil should be changed at least once every season, and more often if you’re cutting your yard a lot.

It’s important to keep up with regular maintenance of your lawn mower

Regular maintenance will help you avoid expensive repairs, and save you money in the long run.

If you don’t maintain your lawn mower, here are some things that can happen:

  • The engine could overheat and break down
  • The carburetor could become clogged with dirt or grass
  • Any loose nuts or bolts could come off while you’re using the mower, causing damage to it

Pushing or riding a lawn mower is a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, but it can be tricky to maintain. The best way to keep your mower running smoothly is by following your owner’s manual for regular maintenance. If you have any questions or concerns about maintaining your lawn mower, contact our team of experts at American Power Equipment today!